This is the ARCHIVED WEBSITE for the for the 2015 Africa in Motion Film Festival.               For up-to-date information visit:

23 October to 1 November Glasgow & Edinburgh

Africa in Motion

Matona cutout
025 Truth and Translation Jul 2006
OJUJU Stills 3
10 Celebrating
10 years of AiM
The Turtles Song
IMG Anse Caffard 1 BW
NFM Still 1
Walk With Me
Pirates of Sale 1

Festival people


Festival Manager: Justine Atkinson
Assistant Festival Manager: Sarah Dawson
Festival Founder and Advisor: Lizelle Bisschoff
Shadow Curator: Deborah May
Web Development: James Cocker
Copywriting Assistant: Rohan Crickmar
Web Design: Darlingforsyth
Publicity and Marketing Coordinator: James Erwin
Hospitality Coordinator: Kathi Kamleitner
Volunteer Coordinator: Genevieve Kay-Gourlay
Trailer Design: Basharat Khan
Programme Consultant: Natalia Palombo
North Africa Programme Consultant: Stefanie Van de Peer
Graphic Designer: Jamie Young
Marketing Intern: Clara Giruzzi
Fundraising Intern: Dan Perry
Short Film and Documentary Competitions Submissions and Selections Team: Harriet Downey, Aaron Garcia, Paul Gerard, Clara Giruzzi, Felipe Gonzàlez Silva, Paul Smith, Chen Zhao

Special thanks go to all our volunteers whose commitment to the festival is crucial to its success.

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