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23 October to 1 November Glasgow & Edinburgh

Africa in Motion

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Film and Event Strands

AiM TV Lounge

Mon 26 Oct - Thurs 29 Oct from 4pm-8pm, The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane

For the first time we are bringing a selection of popular African television shows to the festival, in our newly inaugurated AiM TV Lounge. So put your feet up, relax, chat, flick through our daily TV guide, as we take you on a journey through Africa, through television. From hilarious mockumentaries, political satire, travelogues and cooking programmes, entertaining and addictive, we are showing it all. Come and join us for a cup of African coffee or tea, some delicious food delicacies from across the continent, as we take you to South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and more all from the comfort of a sofa.

From Africa, with Love

Is there anything more universal than the power of love? With the ability to both create and destroy, people are brought together and torn apart by affairs of the heart. Love, undeniably, conquers all. Across Africa, tales of passion, tenderness and lust provide intimate perspectives on the diverse and heterogeneous communities of the continent. This year, in association with the BFI UK Audience Network’s LOVE Blockbuster Season, the five African film festivals in the UK will present From Africa, with Love, a rich programme of films that promise to immerse you in African love across time and space. So join us in the spirit of l’amour and allow us to ignite the fire of romance in your heart through the magic of cinema.

From Africa, with Love is presented by the UK African Film Festivals (Africa in Motion, Afrika Eye, Cambridge African Film Festival, Film Africa, and Watch-Africa Film Festival), part of BFI LOVE,, in partnership with Plusnet.

Nigerian-Scottish Film Odyssey

Our Nigerian-Scottish Film Odyssey will explore the similarities and differences between independent filmmaking in both countries. Join us for glamourous, red carpet premieres showcasing the latest films from two of the brightest young Nollywood filmmakers, C.J. Obasi who will present his zombie horror film, Ojuju, and Stephanie Linus, with her new film Dry. During their time in Scotland these filmmakers will also have the opportunity to meet and engage with young filmmakers from Scotland and key industry stakeholders in discussions around the state of independent filmmaking, including production, funding and distribution. These discussions will then feed into an industry day held at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, where leading professionals from both industries will engage on storytelling practices, audience development and production. You can get involved in the discussions and share your views in the lead-up to the industry day in our ‘Tweet-a-long’ using the designated hashtag #NollywoodOdyssey. As part of the project we are working with the African Movie Channel, a TV platform with a focus on Nollywood cinema, to broadcast the industry day in over 14 countries in Africa and Europe in late November.

The Unrepaired Past

The Unrepaired Past is a series of events connecting the histories of slavery and colonisation to the present, with a special focus on the subjects of psychological repair, justice and reparations. It will feature three film screenings accompanied by a photo exhibition exploring the links between the histories of European-led slavery and colonialism and racial oppression today, a dance performance entitled ‘Traces of Time’ by Farida Nabibaks, and a public debate with a panel of experts on the subject of reparations for slavery.

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Transitions toward Development and Freedom

This strand will explore recent political movements and transitions made towards freedom across Africa.

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